So, you're interested in volunteering for GradusOne?
GradusOne Volunteers are enthusiastic, passionate individuals who value student and community engagement. We are looking for individuals who enjoy meeting new people and have a love for knowledge and ideas!

Volunteers are involved with a variety of projects at GradusOne and help build awareness around GradusOne by being our biggest advocates. Volunteers help ensure GradusOne events are run smoothly and also involved with projects including event planning, social media marketing, research, blogging, fundraising, community outreach and more!

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to gain volunteer experience in a non-profit startup that is dedicated to helping students discover their career. Volunteers will receive free attendance to GradusOne panels. You will also have the opportunity to receive career guidance from the GradusOne team and be exposed to a wide network of dynamic professionals. 

Time commitment can vary.

Share your story with us and tell us why you want to become a GradusOne Volunteer!
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